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Cannabis, 'spice' – better think twice

Science Daily - 6 hours ago
The number of clinical cases involving marijuana intoxication has been steadily increasing due to increase in cannabis potency over the last two decades. Reflecting the scientific debate on the action of cannabinoids, there are numerous disputes...

Dr. Oz Defends Medical Cannabis on 'Fox & Friends'

Leafly - 20 minutes ago
Mehmet Oz, more commonly known as Dr. Oz, the cardiothoracic surgeon and television personality, has made a career out of controversial opinions on all matters related to health, medicine, weight, and pseudoscience. He has also been named one of...

Denver and Colorado Springs Residents Both High on Legalizing Cannabis

Westword - 9 hours ago
It's not like Colorado Springs is completely anti-cannabis, though: Over 130 medical marijuana dispensary licenses have been issued in the city, according to the state Marijuana Enforcement Division. Meanwhile, Denver has seen many of its...

Ontario Government Aims to Sell Cannabis for $10 a Gram

Leafly - 5 hours ago
Ontario's still reeling from the announcement that legal cannabis will be sold only through 150 province-run stores and one province-run website (thereby obliterating the province's beloved dispensary scene). But today brought a small ray of...

Is it high time to give cannabis a try in the landscape?

Total Landscape Care - 4 hours ago
“Since backyard cannabis cultivation is still quite new, many local governments have not yet adopted an official policy and there is opportunity for well-informed gardeners to help educate their local officials and promote more open, neighborhood...

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