Is cannabis legal in Pennsylvania?

Is pot legal in Pennsylvania?

Is weed legal in Pennsylvania?

Is marihuana legal in Pennsylvania?

Is marijuana legal in Pennsylvania?

Qualified patients in Pennsylvania are allowed to possess a 30 day supply of cannabis-infused polls, oils, topical ointments, tinctures or liquids for medical use.

Sale for medical use only.

Transport for medical use only.

Cultivation is illegal

Additional info

Bringing any type of drug into or out of a country is illegal in most places, so don’t bring them with you when traveling (or at least make sure it’s legal first).
Driving under influence of drugs is also illegal in most places, and for good reason. Do not drive under influence to avoid any problems.
Many places do not allow the use of drugs in public, even when they are legalized for recreational use. Make sure it is legal before lighting a joint in a public place.

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First Pa. medical marijuana grow facility receives go-ahead to begin production - 9 hours ago
Its Pennsylvania facility is located in the Jefferson County borough of Brookville. Cresco, which describes itself as "Illinois' largest medical cannabis brand," also received a permit through the state's competitive application...

Report: Marijuana arrests on the rise in PA

WGAL Lancaster - 1 day ago
In a new report called "Cannabis Crackdown," the PA ACLU also says black people statewide are eight times more likely than white people to be arrested for marijuana possession, despite similar usage rates among people of different races....

ACLU Report: Black Pennsylvanians Are 8 Times as Likely to Be Arrested for Weed Than White People

MERRY JANE (blog) - 6 hours ago
Sadly, American law enforcement techniques don't follow logic or reason, and a new report from the Pennsylvania branch of the ACLU highlights exactly why the fight for cannabis reform is still necessary: black Pennsylvanians are eight times as...

Rebuked, ex-Wolf adviser suspends sale of marijuana company - 1 day ago
The state Department of Health intends for medical marijuana products to be available to Pennsylvania residents by early 2018. None of the marijuana permits may be sold or transferred without the approval of the Health Department, and a company may...

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