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Welcome to the Cannabis Legality guide website!

With this website, we are trying to bring all the information about cannabis legality to users in one place. We are trying to cover the laws and acceptance of this substance in all countries of the world and their residents. The idea behind this website is to change the mindset and acceptance of Cannabis/Weed in the mainstream audience, while keeping track of the movement of Cannabis legalization that is currently undergoing all around the world.

People are finally starting to accept the Cannabis plant as a medicine and a way to expand your mind. It is no longer looked down upon by mainstream media and people, but instead the real benefits of the plant are being researched and used by millions worldwide to help ease all kinds of health problems and anxieties.

The site is also useful for recreational and medical users of Marihuana while traveling, so they can get an idea of the laws associated with this plant in countries and states they are travelling to.

We are always trying to improve our website with information and add as much relevant, useful and up-to-date content as possible.

Browse the list of countries and states below to find out laws in your country and its neighbors!

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